Friday, October 23, 2009

What Are You Chasing?

"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him."
~Psalm 62:1

American author Iving Kristol said, "Being frustrated is disagreeable, but the real disasters of life begin when you get what you want."

This is because what we want -- or what we think we want -- is so often not what we really need in order to live a fulfilled, meaningful life. There comes a time when we realize that the trinket we worked so hard to aquire, or even the goal we sacrificed so much to reach, doesn't bring the satisfaction we expected it could. We then find ourselves asking, as so many have, "Is that all there is? Is this as good as it gets?"

Goals will always have a place in our lives, and accumulating possessions will always be part of the human experience, but we serve ourselves best the sooner we understand that these things will never be enough. We serve ourselves best when we are learn, as Augstine said, "Our hearts are restless, until they rest in thee."

Where are you seeking your rest today? In a paycheck? In a relationship? In a status symbol? In a measure of success? These things may not be the enemy -- they're not bad in and of themselves -- but it's important that we understand that they're not the finish line, either. If your heart is restless today, take a moment to re-evaluate what you really want. Strive to say, as David said, "My soul finds rest in God alone."

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Aubrey said...

Wow, that was just what I needed to read today! Why is it that we are so easily distracted by this world? The attention span is unbelieveably short but those short moments of attention to God are so peaceful and fulfilling. They are truly a taste of HEAVEN! Thank you!